sym.sdk.integrations.github.get_repo_collaborators(*, repo_name: str, roles: Iterable[Union[Literal['read', 'triage', 'write', 'maintain', 'admin'], str]]) List[sym.sdk.user.User]

Get all collaborators of the specified repository with the given role(s), mapped to their Sym User objects.

This is useful to, for example, set the approvers of a request to be users with “admin” access to the specified repository.

Note that roles are mutually exclusive in GitHub—for example, users with the “admin” role technically have write permissions, but not the “write” role. Because of this, “admin” users would not be listed if the “write” role were requested. To retrieve both sets of users, you may specify multiple roles, e.g., {"admin", "write"}.

Also note that repo_name should not include the organization; the organization is derived from your Terraform configuration.

Caution: This method will only return collaborators that have a Sym user corresponding to their GitHub Identity. Users can be added and identities managed using the symflow CLI.

  • repo_name – The name, not including organization, of the repository to get the collaborators of

  • roles – A set of one or more roles on which to filter collaborators.


A list of Users corresponding to collaborators with the specified role(s) of the specified repository.