sym.sdk.integrations.okta.list_groups(*, name_filter: Optional[str] = None, filter: Optional[str] = None, expand: Optional[List[str]] = None, only_native_groups: bool = True) List[dict]

Returns a list of Okta Group Info.

The arguments match the arguments in Okta’s List Groups API, details here

  • name_filter – Finds a group whose name starts with name_filter, case-insensitive.

  • filter

    A filter expression for groups. See here for syntax and details. Note: The expressions for filter queries must use double quotes:

    filter='id eq "00g12345"'

  • expand – If specified, additional metadata will be included in the response. Possible values are: stats and/or app.

  • only_native_groups – If true, only groups of source type “Native Okta” (i.e. the only group source type modifiable by Sym) will be included in the results. See here for more information on Okta group source types.


A list of dictionaries, with each dictionary representing a Group in Okta’s Group structure. See here for details.