class sym.sdk.forms.PromptField(*, name: str, type: sym.sdk.forms.FieldType, value: Any = None, label: Optional[str] = None, required: bool = True, current_allowed_values: List[sym.sdk.forms.FieldOption] = [], original_allowed_values: List[sym.sdk.forms.FieldOption] = [], visible: bool = True)

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

The current state of a prompt_field Terraform block representing an input field for a form used to make a Sym access request.

See the Terraform registry for more information about how these are defined on a Flow.

field current_allowed_values: List[sym.sdk.forms.FieldOption] = []

The current list of FieldOption objects to be displayed in a drop-down menu.

field label: Optional[str] = None

A display name for this field, to be displayed in the UI.

field name: str [Required]

A unique identifier for this field.

field original_allowed_values: List[sym.sdk.forms.FieldOption] = []

The full list of FieldOption objects either defined in Terraform or returned by this field’s Prefetch Reducer.

field required: bool = True

Whether this field is a required input.

Required inputs are only enforced if visible = True.

field type: sym.sdk.forms.FieldType [Required]

The type of data this field will accept.

field value: Any = None

The current input value for this field.

field visible: bool = True

Whether this field should be displayed in the UI.