class sym.sdk.notifications.Notification(*, destinations: types.ConstrainedListValue[Union[sym.sdk.request_destination.RequestDestination, sym.sdk.user.User]], timeout: Optional[int] = None)

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

Configuration for where to send a message when a Request is created.

A Notification will be considered “failed to deliver” if:
  • None of the destinations can be sent to, for any reason.

  • The timeout is reached without any action taken on it.

field destinations: List[Union[sym.sdk.request_destination.RequestDestination, sym.sdk.user.User]] [Required]

A list of RequestDestinations to which Sym will attempt to send this notification.

  • minItems = 1

Validated by
validator ensure_only_one_slack_destination  »  destinations

This validator enforces the constraint that only one Slack RequestDestination is allowed per Notification.

field timeout: Optional[int] = None

Tne number of seconds until this notification will time out if no action is taken on it. If not specified, the notification will never time out.