sym.sdk.integrations.slack.is_user_in_group(user: sym.sdk.user.User, *, group_id: str) bool

Check if the provided User is a member of the Slack user group specified.

Login to Slack via web and retrieve the Slack user group ID in the left menu bar: More -> People & user groups -> User groups and select your user group. You can see the Slack user group ID in the URL:{workspaceID}/browse-user-groups/user_groups/{usergroupID}.

If you have installed the Sym app before Aug 22nd 2023, then you may need to reinstall the Sym app to use this feature. Refer to the main docs for more details.

  • user – The User to check group membership of.

  • group_id – The ID of the Slack user group in which to search for the user.