Represents an Integration (service-specific config and state) in the Sym SDK.

class sym.sdk.strategies.integration.Integration(srn: Union[sym.sdk.resource.SRN, str])

Bases: sym.sdk.resource.SymResource

Represents an Integration (service-specific config and state) in the Sym SDK.

For the purposes of the SDK, Integrations can be thought of as the “state” of a Strategy. Or, to put it another way, if a Strategy tells Sym how to interact with an external service to perform escalations, the Integration is the service-specific state Sym maintains, including the identity mappings of Sym users to the external service.


Represent this resource as a dictionary.

property external_id

A unique (for this type), meaningful identifier for this Integration.

This allows you to have multiple integrations of the same type. The meaning of the external_id varies from Strategy to Strategy—some Strategies use this as a domain or tenant identifier for some services, while for others it’s simply an Implementer-defined identifier.

For example, a Slack Integration uses the Slack workspace ID as the external_id value, while an Okta Integration uses the Okta Domain as the external_id.

property name

An alias for this resource’s slug, derived from its SRN.

property settings

A dictionary of settings for the Integration, as specified in Terraform. May be empty, but will never be None.

property srn

A SRN object that represents the unique identifier for this resource.

property type

The type of service represented by this Integration object.