class sym.sdk.request_destination.SlackUser(*, allow_self: bool = False, timeout: Optional[int] = None, user_id: str)

Bases: sym.sdk.request_destination.SlackRequestDestination

A Request to be sent to a Slack User, identified by a Slack User ID.

mention() str

Returns a string that can be used to @mention this User in a Slack message.

classmethod parse_obj(obj)

Without this method override, Pydantic will not call our custom validator when parsing a RequestDestination directly (e.g. RequestDestination.parse_obj(…)). It will only be called when parsing fields that contain a RequestDestination object (e.g. SlackUserGroup.parse_obj(…), where the users field contains SlackUsers which are subclasses of RequestDestination).

field user_id: str [Required]

A string that identifies a Slack User by their unique ID (also called Member ID). (e.g. ‘U12345’).

Validated by
validator validate_user_id_format  »  user_id

Validates that the given user_id follows Slack’s convention of starting with a U or W. (e.g. ‘U12345’).