sym.sdk.integrations.boundary.list_groups(scope_id: str = 'global', filter: Optional[str] = None, recursive: bool = False) List[dict]

Returns a list of Boundary groups.

  • scope_id – The scope ID used to access users defined in that scope and potentially sub-scopes.

  • filter

    A string containing certain criteria to filter the groups. See Filtering for details. To access nested JSON-values, create a path with /. For example, a selector for group[“scope”][“id”] would be “/item/scope/id”.

    Other valid filters:
    • ’”/item/member_ids” is not empty’

    • ’”/item/name” == “Group Name”’

    • ’”/item/scope/id” == “o_12345”’

  • recursive – A boolean indicating whether to list groups defined in all the sub-scopes.


A list of groups where each group is a dictionary. See Group Service for details.


BoundaryError – If the credentials configured in the Boundary integration do not have permissions to list groups in any scope.