class sym.sdk.request_destination.RequestDestination(*, allow_self: bool = False, timeout: Optional[int] = None)

Bases: pydantic.main.BaseModel

A super-class for classes representing a Sym Request Destination.

field allow_self: bool = False

A boolean indicating whether the requester may approve this Request.

classmethod parse_obj(obj)

Without this method override, Pydantic will not call our custom validator when parsing a RequestDestination directly (e.g. RequestDestination.parse_obj(…)). It will only be called when parsing fields that contain a RequestDestination object (e.g. SlackUserGroup.parse_obj(…), where the users field contains SlackUsers which are subclasses of RequestDestination).

field timeout: Optional[int] = None

An optional integer representing the duration until this destination will time out, in seconds. If not specified, then the destination will never time out, i.e the Request will hang indefinitely until responded to.